Frazzled and flashing forward…

This last week has been rather difficult.  Wednesday, Mr.Tot had ACL surgery which meant 8 hours at the surgery center, and Tot got shuttled between 3 different neighbors.  The surgery supposedly went great, but we ended up in the ER for the intense pain, less than 4 hours after getting home.  Tot spent the night at a 4th neighbor’s house.   Thursday, he was armed with three different prescription pain killers, and 4 over-the-counter medicines in addition to his usual large inventory of pills.  Friday, at physical therapy, we discovered he had Cellulitis.   Add antibiotics to the mix.

Before the surgery, Mr.Tot signed us up to receive 5 nights of dinners through our church.  I thought it was excessive and unnecessary but sweet on his part.  I was so wrong.  We probably would have gotten really tired of pizza if he hadn’t signed up for those meals.  I’m still feeling trashed and he’s the one who had surgery.   I don’t think Florence Nightingale is in my family tree.   Nurse Ratched might be though.

Mr.Tot took this picture of Tot last week, and I finally got it today.  I look at it and want to cry.   She looks like an adult, and she’s beautiful and I feel like I missed it all.  Even if she did insist on going to the playground naked in just her diaper this evening.

Late breaking news:  It’s now 2 am and we’re back in the ER.  Cellulitis looks worse….

1 comment to Frazzled and flashing forward…

  • Sherri

    Aw sweetie, I’m so sorry that you guys are having a rough time of it right now.

    She does look all grown up in that picture – it really caught me by surprise & I thought “Wow, we really do need to stop by soon!”

    Take care.

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