Future Olympian or professional ham?

How time does fly and creep.  The paradox of time.  My long silence is due to a change of circumstance.  Tot and I have moved and it has been a very long, busy and difficult year.  She has been a trooper through it all and is ever the funny, spunky, irrepressible Tot.

My last post was Tot’s first day of preschool.  Well, tomorrow, through some strange twist in the space-time continuum, Tot is starting her first day of KINDERGARTEN.  Hard to believe, but true.  The excitement this evening just about got her stuffed inside her mattress.  One memorable excuse was that the music was too peppy.  Never heard George Winston described as peppy.

This week marked another first in the Tot timeline.  She swam the full length of the pool and tread water for 30 seconds.  Why you ask?  Because she wanted to show off her skills?  Not hardly.  So that she could use the diving board and slide in the *oohhh* deep end of the pool.  She mastered this challenge last night and then it was my challenge to drag her away when they closed for the night.  And even more difficult to drag her away today when the pool closed due to thunder.  I did manage to get lots of pictures which she actually encouraged me to take, a miracle in and of itself, since my camera is pretty much verboten these days.   (I looked this word up to make sure I spelled it properly and had to laugh at the definition — forbidden, esp by an authority.  Yeah, she’s an authority all right.)  Fortunately I manage to sneak lots of pictures in anyways.


IMGP1867She was sooo happy using the diving board, it was fun just to watch her.  Usually I’m in the water with her, getting my workout tossing her in the air.  Now she can toss herself in the air!   This wonderful new development is also very cool for another reason…  She hates being told what to do, like to practice her strokes.  But every time she jumps off the diving board, or goes down the slide, she has to swim to the ladder.  And since she’s going down dozens and dozens of times, she’s getting lots and LOTS of practice.  Pretty subversive, isn’t it?  Serendipity, really.  I was really hoping it would tire her out to go to bed early to prepare for her first day of school.  No such luck…  She’s indestructible, I swear.

After a while jumping and sliding on her own, she wanted me to join her, which I did.  But after several goes on both contraptions, I decided it’s not nearly as much fun feeling totally discombobulated now as it did when I was a kid.  So I relegated myself to the sidelines, taking pictures which she wholeheartedly endorsed for a change, reminding me every single time to be ready.  Made me laugh.  Like I’m not ready to take a picture of her all the time?  Or at least most of the time.

IMGP1910IMGP1893How can you not smile at these poses and expressions?  Okay, that last one doesn’t look like she wanted me to take her picture, but she did, I swear!

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