Hello Brother…

Hey Blondie,

It’s a good thing you’re the hot weather type, ’cause you’re getting it. Computer says it was 104° yesterday… Is that warm enough? Did your Mom melt when she went to have dinner with you? Personally, I’m happy to have a few minutes outside and then go back inside to our nice geothermally- cooled house… or hang out in the water. But mom says 3 hours at the pool yesterday was too much. I don’t know what’s she’s talking about – I didn’t want to leave. But Mom says I might get a swim lesson on Monday if I can put my whole face in the water. No problem!

IMGP0654 Fourth of July was cool — I got to have my own sparkler! Little Claire did not pay attention to the safety speech prior to the lighting of the sparklers and grabbed the burned end. Ouch. On the bright side, she got a popsicle to make her feel better, and I managed to get a one out of the deal too.


Did dad tell you about my new house? It’s also my business office (I sell yogurt cups out my shop window), so it’s fully tax deductible. Cool, hunh? Kitty is my best customer. I should be able to franchise in about 6 months. It’s rather cozy, but fully mobile, so I can take it anywhere. Beach cottage, mountain cabin, princess palace – I’ve got it all covered. And it’s even wired for lights, so no curfew for me!

Well, I’m busy watching Fart & Pee (Toot & Puddle) and Illegal Immigrant girl (Dora) so I’ll sign off. Hope the bugs aren’t hot weather enthusiasts too, or it might get a little crowded out there in the woods.

Oh, don’t worry, I’m taking care of the cookie dough for you. It’s delicious!

Lots of love, your little sis , TOT

PS Dad and Mom send their love too.

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