It’s not me, It’s you


I mean her… I swear!  Okay, so maybe part of her behavior comes from me…   like talking to myself.  Even full blown conversations, complete with hand gestures.   Even in my sleep. But the raspberries on the fingers – that’s all her and the faces….  what a little actress….  And the sleeping in the dog crate…  And the construction worker gig too.  She is a social butterfly where I was a wall flower – shy, shy, shy.  Shy is the LAST word I would use to describe Tot.  She even had us meet new neighbors l last week, just walked right up and started playing with their kids.  No names needed, just a willingness to have their toys taken over by the Totinator.  I’m considering writing a cartoon or book starring her as a Tot-sized Maxine with photos of her facial expressions.   At bedtime tonight, we prayed for the people affected by all the tornadoes.  And she had a lot of questions which I tried to answer truthfully without making her fearful.  But I had to laugh when she asked if the tornado sucked up bugs.  And I had to cry for those who have lost loved ones.  I cannot imagine life without all my loved ones, especially my littlest.






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