Junk Food junkie AND water aerobics junkie?


Like any recovering junkie, I struggle to stay clean.  I’m constantly itching for a dose of peanut butter cups, swiss rolls, cookie dough, fudge sauce, aghhhh.  Any don’t even get me started on salt – cheez-its, potato chips, artichoke dip,etc…  My friends in CA still salt the tortilla chips in my honor at Chevy’s.  I manage to keep things in check for the most part when I have supervision, (ie the Tot Source is home),  But when he goes on travel, Lord help us…  Sometimes I don’t even wait until he’s left town to start stocking up…  Of course, I’ve got to meet my bargain-hunting requirements, so I’ve discovered the Dollar store has yummy chocolate and carmel popcorn, and Walmart has delicious cheap PB cups, Trader Joe’s has frozen sweet potato french fries, and, and, you get the idea.  And of course, there’s always homemade stuff.  I have my sources, and they’re not about to get arrested so they’ll just keep supplying me…  Seems like someone should do something about it, other than me of course.  

I’ve tried to protect Tot from my evil ways by sneaking my goodies when she’s in the other room, or limiting her portions…  Sometimes she catches me, then I have to share…  

So our good friends are now living with us while they finish building their house themselves.  It’s been a lot of fun, but they’re getting to know us a little better than most people know us.  They’re usually out of the house and busy until late evening when we hang out for a bit.  Ms.Roomie says to me last night, I’m glad we’re staying with you because I’m getting to know you a whole lot better.  I used to hold you up here, with hand above her head, on a pedestal.  Now, I’m down in the ditch?  I asked. No, you’re here with me…  All of this because of my informing her of my stash – the peanut butter cups in the freezer, homemade lime cookies, key lime pie, chocolate covered macaroons – all available for midnight snacking…  And she holds this against me!  I thought you were so healthy, she says…  Hey, I go to the pool every day as penance.  Actually I go to maintain my sanity.  I find it holds down the crank factor, keeps my ‘chemicals’ (as my husband likes to call my bad reactions) in check and makes things manageable.  It also keeps me happy – like the drugs for the Stepford wives….  And missing more than a day is bad news!  However, all that exercise does increase my appetite!


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