Except for a bit of monotony in our diet, I’m kind of enjoying the lack of cooking, especially right now with my craft factory being in high gear.  We have reverted to using paper plates, cups and bowls, but I draw the line at silverware.  I figured I was using so much water to wash all our dishes that disposable might be more environmentally friendly and certainly more sanity friendly.  I have a hard enough time keeping up with the silverware and serving dishes, especially when our powder room vessel sink has a fondness for drenching me when I accidentally turn the water on full blast.   We have decided to limit ourselves to one night dining out a week.  So far, so good, but we’re only 3 weeks in.  We’ll see how long we last…

Kitch-preHere was our kitchen pre-destruction and pre-de-decorating.  Really it never looked this good.   Notice the massive drop-box light that makes the room feel smaller.  And whoever thought a tile counter was a good idea?


Here is a picture of our kitchen without the help of color.  Kind of bland.  And the dishwasher and microwave are, or were, very moody.  Maybe they needed more exercise.  The oven already had major surgery, but the stove top still has a brand new grill top 20 years after installation.

Kitch-mid1And here, the destruction has begun!!  Mr.Tot presiding.  I think it was therapeutic.  Goodbye cabinets with the white rubber strip to hide the gap between the doors.  The destruction phase took place while Tot and I were traveling.  Mr. Tot complained of all the dust… Ummm, really?

Kitch-mid2And here the destruction is complete.  It looked like this for a couple weeks while the plumbing, gas and electrical work was completed.  Mr.Tot did all the electrical including the lighting.  First major snafu – they discover that the original builder screwed up on the hardwood floor and the tongue and groove is reversed inside the U-shape, so they can’t simply weave in new hardwood – that whole section has to be replaced.

Kitch-mid3And finally – visually apparent progress. D’oh!  At this point, Mr.Tot remembers that he forgot to install an outlet for the microwave.  Once Mr.Tot rectifies his oops, we’ll be in a holding pattern until our cabinets come in.   But at least we have walls again!

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