Learn math, America! and why I’m exhausted…

There’s something that drives me crazy every time I hear it. One of my favorite shows even had one of the characters say it: “You know, pregnancy actually lasts 10 months… ”

Hello? The so-called 40 week duration starts from the first day of a woman’s LAST period, which means for approximately the first 2 weeks, she is not actually pregnant. Even if this were not the case, a month does not consist of 4 weeks, except for February. So 40 weeks x 7 days/week x 12 months/365 days = 9.2 months. And when you calculate it with 38 weeks, it’s 8.84 months — LESS than NINE months. Except for Tot who was a week late. She was the perfect 9 month baby.

Does everybody forget about the 29th, 30th and sometimes 31st of the month? If only time could stop for everybody else and I could have those days to myself every month, what I could achieve!!! Provided I’m not totally exhausted by the first 28 days of the month. Like tonight, a birthday party for a 3 year old neighbor wore me out. Well that and sleeping with Tot for a few hours at 4 am this morning or trying to while she fidgeted and tried to kick me off the bed entirely . Why I didn’t head back to my own bed, I still don’t understand.

Or maybe the fatigue is from playing the evil dragon chasing two miniature princesses up the highest towers, down to the deepest dungeons, and all around a fabulous castle themed park near us – Kidstowne.






Or maybe I’m just exhausted from being around all that cuteness.


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