Leaving town and patient behind

So in my last post, we’re were in the ER with Mr.Tot.  He ended up being admitted to the hospital with a very serious skin infection.  It was dreadful.  I got home at 4:30am.  He stayed 2 days and came home Monday night at 10pm via the help of neighbors.  Pretty extreme measures to get out of Mother’s Day duties, don’t you think?

I found out only after he got out, that a friend knew a guy who developed a similar infection a day after the same knee surgery, flatlined, was resuscitated, and suffered permanent brain damage.   Hearing that just makes my heart lurch.  So, yes, it was a critical situation, and evidently intensely painful, not only during the infection but also during the healing period.  So poor Mr.Tot in addition to having been through the mill with the knee surgery is now dealing with a whole other level of pain.  Imagine awful pain, misery, drug-induced haze and other side effects too unpleasant to mention here.  Tot has taken over management of his recovery, so he’s in good hands.  That’s Mr.Tot’s life.  Enough about him.

Tot has been a handful lately.  She is single handedly responsible for a mini kitchen flood, an ink masterpiece on the front passenger leather car seat, and an unexpectedly quick mutation of Tot to Tin man thanks to the silver sharpie marker.  So her play options are rapidly disappearing – no more playing in the sink, no more playing in the car, no more playing with sharpies or pretty much anything other than crayons.  Don’t be surprised if you hear that she’s locked in a cage soon….  Okay, I’m kidding, but just.  Duct tape may come in handy soon.  You might want to buy stock.

In this second picture, she’s got her dinner on the run.  Grabbed the whole skewer of chicken kabobs when I wasn’t looking.  I did take it away from her, but only after I got a few pictures.  And yes, that’s a brownie in her other hand. Life is uncertain after all.

On other fronts, you know that number slide puzzle where you have to move one piece at a time and get them all in order with only one empty space available?   That describes my entire house for the 6-8 months.  We started storing lots of construction supplies in the garage over time which meant moving what was previously stored in the garage inside. Once we started the kitchen renovation, we moved the supplies into the house as the kitchen guts moved into the garage or dining room, and the living room contents moved everywhere else including Piano Man’s bedroom, our bedroom, downstairs, the entryway, the nook here and that cranny there, while Mr.Tot laid the slate back after Christmas.  I think I moved some boxes back and forth umpteen times.  They got the grand tour of the house.  Probably thought they were lost luggage with the airlines, or a package with the Post Office.  Or maybe our deposit check for purchasing our house in California which went to PARIS before it went to the right place not nearly so far away.

So now the living room looks good.  The kitchen is OH-so-close to being done – just trim on the top and bottom of the cabinets remaining.  The garage has been partially organized, but that is a serious case of 1 step forward, 12 steps back.  Well, we are making progress but it is taking forever!  The mudroom is significantly better but not quite done.  And while we are not remodeling anything else for a while, I am hoping to pare down and organize the rest of our suddenly HUGE house.  OY!   Last night, while Tot was in the bath, I grabbed a bunch of her stuff to put away for a while, so we can contain the kudzu that are her toys and cram what remains back into the confines of her room.  Hopefully.  I have visions of every room of our house organized and beautiful.   This is my Mount Everest.   But I have started the climb and the air is getting thin.  Oh wait, the air was thin before I ever left.  Still, progress is progress.  I have made our back porch a very comforting oasis full of beautiful flowering plants.  We all need our happy place…  even if it’s too hot to actually go there, I can still enjoy looking at it.

Oh, and finally, I spent part of 2 (TWO!) nights hugging a frantic Bergylsnorpe on the floor of our closet with music blaring trying to avoid getting my flesh pinched between his claws and the floor, as thunder storms raged outside.  This is normally Mr.Tot’s job as Bergy is his baby, but with his condition, he opted out.  Not quite sure why.   And yes, the darn dog was drugged, but sometimes that half pill is just not strong enough or quick enough.  Unfortunately a whole pill might fix the problem permanently.  And the amount of damage that dog can do in that state to our house is not to be believed.  So, yes, I had to.  And no, I was not happy about it.

But Tot and I are leaving town Tuesday.   Heading out to see Gigi – actually G.G. short for great grandmother, (Tot’s not mine – she’s just G. to me) whose 97th birthday is Tuesday.  And it’s supposed to rain all week here with possible thunderstorms.  So I may come back to a shambles.   Or a lot more to throw out.  But it will be nice to hang with Gigi.  And I have plans to see a Dale Chihuly exhibit which I am very excited about!   So when you don’t hear from me for the rest of the week, it will be for good reasons for a change.  Whew.  It’s about time!

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