Letter to Camp 2011

Dear Big Brudder,


Things haven’t been the same here without you.  The skies won’t stop growling and crying.  Murgatroid is scared of that big growl.  We’ve been brushing him to calm him down.  He’s purrrrty now.  Even Pickles is losing his bumps.  But he’s also slacking – here’s evidence.  Pickles looks like the evil Joker, but he’s really a pussy cat.  Though he did leave us a vole on the porch right near the breakfast table….  Mmmm!


Anyways, I hope you are having fun and not melting.  I thought you might need a few pictures of me to remember me.  You’re gone a LONGG time! If you’re anything like Mom & Dad, you won’t even remember who I am…. plus I might look totally different by the time you get back!

Here I am as Buttercup, the cat, and giving Mom & Dad the stink-eye of course.



Here I am as a mermaid with my mermaid buddy, and thought you might like my lunch monster.

See you soon?

Your Lil Sis, Tot

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