Life is unfair…

I was going to write a light post celebrating the first full day with no potty accidents in a very long time.

And then I saw an early birthday wish posted to my brother on facebook. And the realization hit me. And I cried… again. Just feeling the unfairness of life hurdling down on those I love. You see, last week, my wonderful sister-in-law who has dealt with and battled Lupus for the last 14 years found out she has a spot on her lung. This on top of finding out she has blood clots in her legs. She had a PET scan on Thursday. She and my brother then had to wait an eternity, until this Wednesday, to find out the results. I cried the first time last week when I found out.

This Wednesday is my brother’s birthday. And it seems to me, the only thing as bad as finding out that something awful is happening in your own body is to find out it’s happening to the one person you love most. And to hear the worst news of your life on your birthday just seems exceptionally cruel.

Then it occurred to me that I really have the wrong attitude. They are going to get good news on Wednesday. They have to. Power of prayer and positive thinking, right?

It has been one long battle which started one heck of a long time ago. The diagnosis came on their honeymoon. Since then my sweet uncomplaining sister-in-law has dealt with birth complications, umpteen rounds of shingles, punctured lung, blood clots, and myriads of flare-ups with complications I can’t keep track of. My wonderful supportive big brother has been there for her and their two boys. And here comes the possibility of another horrendous complication. Just the possibility of something awful seems like it’s too much to bear.

So go donate to Lupus research, donate to lung cancer research and pray for my brother’s family and all of us who love them. Please.69183 1610626872813 1450470454 31556163 7931460 n69183 1610626952815 1450470454 31556165 4197452 n



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