Looking into the Future

Things I will miss when Tot is no longer a toddler, and things I won’t


Things I will Miss

- adorable tiny frilly clothes and the cute little figure underneath

- quaint pronunciations  (‘picy for spicy, said while making a face )

- the hilarious things she says (“I want BIG ice cream”, complete with hand gestures)

- facial expressions 

- interesting hairdos

- kisses from that little rosebud mouth

- requests for “nuggles”

- dancing together

- that cute little waddle (and the occasional wiggle) in her walk

- her little voice alternating between little girl-Tot and deep husky monster-Tot

- her pleas for help to the whole neighborhood at “quiet” time

- the fact that kisses make every booboo better

- being able to distract her with silly faces or raspberries or tickling or pretty much anything else

- that feeling of having a Mini-me when she mimics what I say or do



and Things I Won’t

- lack of FREE time!!!!

- chunky milk

- yogurt painting

- dog chewed crayon and toy bits 

- picking egg shells off her tongue, really

- bedtime head-to-head banging (literally)

- scream fests

- changing diapers, and forgetting to change diapers

- forgetting to put the diaper wad where the dog can’t get to it

- crank time post nap

- not being able to understand her, oh wait, that will probably just get worse…


Exhibit A for “fancy” hairdos

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