Losers Weepers…

I’ve been losing things left and right lately. It’s gotten really bad. Of course this really means my half-heimers is progressing – to maybe three-quarters-heimers. The other day, I had brushed Tot’s hair in the living room and then taken some pictures of her. About 15 minutes later, I went to put them away, and discovered I had lost my hairbrush and my camera. I searched and searched and searched. I even checked the refrigerator and freezer. You never know where I was when my brain malfunctioned. I did not confine my search to the living room. I searched the coat closet, Tot’s room, the bathrooms, our bedroom, Lil’ Bro’s room, and the kitchen. Finally I returned to the scene of the crime, the living room. I looked under the couches, the coffee table, in the toy box. Evidently both items had come to life ( see my previous blog titled “Lowering the Bar” ) and decided to play Hide-and-Seek, because both items were hiding behind pillows in different parts of the room. The brush had hidden itself under a pillow on the couch, and the camera had snuck just out of sight on the arm of a chair obscured by a pillow. It only took me about 20 minutes to find these 2 items. Then today, I was going to give Tot an Easter egg for lunch. She loves peeling them, and of course making an unholy mess with the yolk. I was in a bit of a hurry – I had to give a presentation on, gasp, my career, at the local university. But… I lost all the EASTER EGGS!!! Yes nine brightly colored hard-boiled eggs were evading detection. They were not in the kitchen frig. They were not in the other frig. They were not in the yard. The easter basket sat empty on the counter. The eggs were taunting me. I could practically hear them laughing. I had to leave, so I got a bit desperate. I interrogated the men in the house. It’s always the men’s fault. Always. But no dice. Mr. Roomie fell off a ladder a while back and is suffering from concussion still. Hmm, must be contagious. Must remember to keep my distance. Eventualllllllllly, I found them. Where you ask? Practically under my nose — in a the basket of the scale right there on the counter. Bright cheery little colorful eggs that POP from the neutral colors of the counter. I’ve been watching WAY too many home decorating shows… If I could lose those, what’s next??? TOT???!!!! She does move pretty fast!


I like this picture because it accurately depicts the blur of activity that is the essence of Tot.

By the way, all of those eggs shells cracked from laughing so hard…

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