Love at first sight and ever after

From the moment they first met, they have been inseparable. Devil cat walked right up to Bergylsnorpe and kissed him on the nose and then sauntered off.  Bergylsnorpe was smitten, and has been dedicated to chasing her furry black butt ever since.  He is truly  besotted with her.  Their antics never fail to entertain and amaze our guests.  Never has his devotion wavered.  He used to get  yogurt on his breakfast and would refuse to eat until his beloved joined him.  She, in turn, would play with him, until she got tired of him, at which point, she would lock him in our self-closing closet.  These are old pictures, but they only begin to show the obsession that Bergylsnorpe has with the Devil Cat.  Devil Cat toys with him endlessly and shamelessly.  


In retrospect, they kind of remind me of Tot and myself.  I confess to being madly in love with her, and she in turn, tortures me endlessly and shamelessly.  We always knew Tot was Devil Cat’s twin.


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