Matisse, Miro, Mondrian? Wyeth, Whistler, Warhol?

My daughter LOVES painting…  She paints outside on our porch, where I mostly don’t have to worry about it.  When her godparents were here, (here-after called the god guys or god-gram and god-gramps), she insisted on painting while the adults were talking and ignoring her (after god-gram was held hostage in her room the better part of the day).  After a short stint of painting around the corner out of sight from us, we heard strange noises and moaning and crying.  Why, when she was doing something she loved?  Had she gotten hurt?    God-gram went to investigate and brought back with her an inconsolable Tot.  No, she hadn’t gotten hurt, just mortally wounded in the heart!  Her painting was not, gasp, what she pictured it would be.  Her brush was not magical and did not make what was in her head appear on paper.  AND, she would not be able to SELL it because no one would want it.  Or so she claimed, though we all took our turns telling her otherwise.  She went to bed feeling like a failure, at the tender age of 4.  Mostly I think because of the Barbie movie about Rapunzel which has magic paintbrush.   I had thought the video under “extras” was inspiring about how anyone could be an artist and showed a very successful 19 year old painter.  I had no idea my little Tot would take it so much to heart.

The next day god-gram painted with her and complimented her on her blending techniques, etc.  It seemed the crisis had passed, and she still wanted to paint.  She paints most days, though she’s been asking for new media to paint on…  She wants to have a collection.  Where she learned this word, I’m really not sure, because she had absolutely no idea what it meant, but was quite convinced she must have it.   So as I said, she was asking for things other than paper to paint on.  I found a piece of plywood and presented that.  She appeared to be content, and I proceeded to try to get some yardwork done.  A while later, I glanced up at the porch to see how she was doing.  She had found a better media to paint on than my lousy plywood….




HERSELF!!!  She later swapped her painting smock for a apron to help me make Chocolate bread pudding for the neighbors (Won’t you be mine?  and a whole other story on what slavery parents sell the children into…), and I couldn’t resist getting another picture….   Oh, and she wanted us to name her in her new cat persona….  So with that yellow face, she is now Buttercup (or as Mr.Tot calls her Butter butt).   Just another day in the life of the Tot.  The cuteness factor is killing me…


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  • Homesbynellie

    Gorgeous and creative as ever!  You’ve got a genius on your hands….accept that fact and move forward with that knowledge!

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