Money doesn’t grow on trees, but you might be surprised where it does grow

PennyaPickleI came out of my bedroom this morning to find this sight before me.  He looked like he couldn’t move for fear of dropping his cargo that was balancing so nicely on his head.  Apparently we have a copper cat, kind of like the golden goose, but found on the clearance rack.  Yes, those are pennies on Pickles-my-white-cat, as Tot calls him.  Just to distinguish between Devil-cat-mommie’s-black-cat, and Whiney-bits-the-other-cat.  So, just how valuable is this cat?  Four cents worth.  I wonder if I can upgrade.   And in case anybody asks, money doesn’t grow on trees, it grows on cats…  or, at least, pennies do.  HangingOut

Hmmm, last seen together – Pickles and the penny-loving Tot.  This might explain a lot…  Maybe she was trying to pay him for his thoughts, and he drove a hard bargain.

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