Mr.Sandman, I love you!

As I look back at some earlier posts, I realize I may have presented a slightly negative impression of my perfect little daughter.  Well, perfect except for tonight, when while dining at a nice restaurant, we had to feed her dinner under the table like a feral cat because she wouldn’t sit in her seat except to pitch herself against me endlessly.  Why is it they pick the most embarrassing times to act up?

For months, she and I were both slightly (and I say that with heavy sarcasm) sleep deprived until we got her my new invention, which I dreamed up in late August.  It only took until mid-December to become desperate enough to make one — a  Craftmatic/Temperpedic/vibrating Carseat combo that made bedtime less painful for both of us, mostly me, but who’s going to quibble?    Look at that face — do you want to mess with her?

Truth be told, Mr.Tot and I discussed getting Tot a real bed (no restraint system included, honest) in part for her sake and in part for ours, because we spent almost as many hours on her little twin air mattress as she did.  However, the conversation went something like this.   Me: Honey, I think we should get Tot a real bed.  The air mattress is cold and I think she might be waking up because she’s cold.  Also it’s really hard to get up off it without waking her up as well.   Mr.Tot:  Screw that!  If anyone’s getting a new bed, we are!   Said while pointing to the cast and crew of 3 sleeping cats.  The mattresses can trickle down  through the ranks.  Blondie gets our Queen size, and Tot gets Blondie’s full size.

Upon further thought, this was actually a brilliant idea.  We had gotten a pillow top mattress almost 6 years ago, and…  since you can’t flip it, it is now rather saggy.  However, Blondie was thrilled to get it.  And if Tot had a full size mattress, it would be far more difficult for Tot to fall off the bed while doing her flips and contortions through the night, plus there was more room for snuggling together.

My main objection was the expense involved in buying a Queen size mattress.  I was hoping a get a nice CHEAP twin size mattress for Tot.  However, I happened to actually read my junk e-mail from Costco and found a memory foam Queen sized mattress for a mere $300.  Mr.Tot had been lobbying for a Temperpedic mattress for ages.  The gods had smiled upon us.  We ordered the Costco blue light special immediately.  Just before Christmas we played musical mattresses.  Tot was THRILLED to get her new full-size mattress and boxspring.  And we lived happily ever after.

No, I’m serious.  That was the end of all our Tot-induced sleep problems.  (I say Tot-induced, because I still have my erratic sleep patterns and Mr.Tot still has some sleep-issue side-effects from migraine  meds.)  But Tot even falls asleep faster now which means risk of injury during the violent snuggling phase is greatly reduced. (There were 2 on the bed when the little one said Kerpow!)  This was not entirely the end of our lack of free time problems, however, as now we fall asleep with the Tot and unless the other one remembers to extricate the one on duty in a timely fashion, we can stay there until its time to go to bed, but at least we are comfortable and warm. However even this problem has been minimized, as we are not summoned out of bed at all hours of the night, and therefore not utterly and completely exhausted on a continuing basis.

I am back to enjoying most of my Tot-time.  And she seems happier too.  Exhibit A — dance class fever.  Whew.  We should have gotten her a real bed a LONG time ago.   A good night’s sleep really does make a BIG difference.   Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the kitty committee seems happier and more well rested too.  Good thing — they can get PRETTY cranky!

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