New Digs and other excitement

IMGP0642This morning, we bought our dream house in the mountains. Or as close as we’ll be getting to our dream house for a while. And the mountains for that matter. Okay, so it’s a fixer-upper, but it’s got a lot of potential, don’t you think? Remember — Less is More. Tiny houses are all the rage…

Tot and I painted our new mountain cabin this morning, and Pickles tried to help. Part of me wanted him to become a blue cat simply so I could post a picture, but the other part of me who remembers how much Pickles loves a good bath, decided to try to avoid having a bloodbath and kept him away from the blue paint. Though the Blue Man group could have added a cat to their act.

Then I had more cat issues. I was taking care of our neighbor’s cat, Dylan, who has turf wars with Pickles. So I went over before the fireworks were due to start to feed him. After 10 minutes of calling him with no response, I gave up and headed home. Then I saw Dylan across the street and headed for him, when I noticed Pickles sitting about 12 feet away from him. They were having a stand-off, or more accurately a sit-off. As I got closer, Dylan took off, and Pickles flopped over, so I grabbed him and took him home. Then I headed back to get Dylan, but he wouldn’t listen to reason and ignored me. I tried to catch him, tracking him around and through bushes to the storm drain which has a massive concrete cover bolted over it . Dylan ducked into the drain. I tried to lure him out by playing with a stick in the leaves. He squirmed around a bit presumably to get a better angle at attacking my stick, and *Thwump*, he disappears, down the drain. I can’t see into it and can’t hear anything. How deep is this thing, and how come I can’t hear anything? Why isn’t Dylan mrowing or scrambling to get out? I call Mr.Tot to help me investigate, and wonder how we’re going to get Dylan out… Before he arrives, our neighbor tells me that Dylan practically lives in the drain and that it opens up behind their house. Jeesh! All that worry and he was playing me! He was waiting for me when I went back to his house to feed him – DEVIL!

IMGP0660 Then we went across the street to celebrate with our new neighbors in true 3YO style – sparkplugs, no, sprinklers, no… sparklers! Yeah, that’s it. Tot had a wonderful time with them, though unfortunately her new friend grabbed Tot’s dead sparkler before it had a chance to cool, and wasn’t so crazy about sparklers after that. Fortunately, burn therapy was provided immediately as Mr.Tot grabbed some Italian ice popsicles. They served their dual purpose to cool the burn and distract from the pain. Tot, being the good friend she is, had to share in the therapy of course.


Then we wandered up the street to catch a neighbor’s collection of fireworks, which we missed completely but I did manage to get this picture….

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