Nothing like a summer rain….

Tot asked to go outside on the back porch when the rain started…  as a light rain.  Then it progressed to a downpour.  Which was even better.  Something so marvelous about a warm summer rain.  Tot seems to love water as much as I do.


Then came the request to be rid of those wet clothes….  and then the real fun began…


Oh, the joys of childhood… And yes, she got me out in the rain too.  We ran back and forth from one end of the porch to the other about 50 times.  And she still managed to hold off the sandman until 8:43 give or take a few seconds…  No breaks for mom, no how, no way.  But maybe tonight, I can sleep in my own bed… please?

1 comment to Nothing like a summer rain….

  • perfect!
    just perfect!
    I got soaked today looking for a “pink” bow for the mailbox. Put out balloons that drooped b/c of the rain. think they will pop back up when dry?
    I bet Tot pops back up when dry!

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