Oh Autumn, where art thou?

IMGP1950Okay, so I’m dying to need to wear a pair of long pants, to get back into jeans for a change. Aside from a trip to the relatively frigid North this summer, I have worn nothing but shorts since May. (Nooo, I’m not topless…)

Every week, the forecast taunts us with promises of cooler weather in our future – next week, they promise. But by the time next week rolls around, the temperatures have somehow creeped up over 90. And even when the forecast is below 90, the actual temperatures are above.

Things are getting better — the days are dryer, 90+ does not feel nearly so miserable as it once did, and the mornings and evenings have cooled down to where they actually feel heavenly. But I still cringe when Tot wants to play outside in the middle of the day, and come up with excuses and reasons to avoid the sun.

I want to take Tot to the playground, I do. We’ve had enough indoor time to last a longgggg time. With the pool closed during the week, outdoor options I can live with are limited to certain hours of the day. Where can I lodge my complaint? Who’s in charge here?

Because as cute as she is, the Tot can be a tad bit scary too… She needs more fresh air and exercise to get out all that diva-like attitude and bring her back to the real world …


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