Oh the things they say…

As a follow up to my last post: Okay, so the peach jam, macaroons, and blueberry pie took me the rest of the week to make…

And man was the blueberry pie good!  But my masterpiece was this:

I call her Miss Piggy, though Tot dubbed her ….  ”Reindeer”

Don’t ask me why, the Tot’s got a mind of her own, and she’s not afraid to use it.  Notice the curly tail curving round from behind.  Pure genius.

Speaking of the Tot, she had Mr.Tot and I practically rolling on the ground, except we were in the car, when at one point she says to us, in all seriousness, ” I’m going to zip my mouth so I don’t ask so many questions!”     Just out of the blue – we hadn’t said anything that could have prompted it.

She seems to be doing this a lot lately, coming up with funny tidbits.  Most of them I can’t remember.  I need to start carrying a tape recorder or visit the wizard to get a memory.   I do remember her asking, ” Mommy when I grow up, and you’re probably dead…”  She didn’t get any farther than that because I was laughing too hard.

And then she comes up with sweet things like the kissing game.  Normally she doesn’t like me to kiss her, but when we play the kissing game, I can kiss her all over, non-stop.  It never lasts long enough, but it sure is fun.  And this evening at the end of a birthday party, I thought she was being fickle not saying goodbye.  She said with a mad face, “I don’t like to say goodbye when I like the place so much.”

We had TWO birthday parties today.  She went from being a princess at the ultimate girly party at a place called “Grandma’s Princess” to a superhero (Cat Woman or rather KittyTot) at a nearly all-boy party.  It was an interesting side-by-side perspective of gender differences in children.  Tot had a blast at both.  When we got to the superhero party, I heard, “so you’re Tot” from just about every parent, none of whom I knew except the host, because the little boy whose birthday it was, from preschool is so madly in love with her, he can’t stop talking about her… to anyone.  I forgot my camera at the first party – D’oh!  But remembered at the second one, though I forgot Tot’s bathing suit – double D’oh!    At least I had a change of clothes, so she went in the kitty/kiddy pool in her cat suit.


IMGP9276When Tot arrived, the birthday boy wouldn’t even say hello, so shy was he in his besotted state.  But at least he managed to be friendly before the end of the party…  Though Tot did tell him not to whine at his own party when he pitched a fit because his Batman costume was experiencing a wardrobe malfunction, though not of the kind the world witnessed at the Superbowl….  I think this picture was taken after that advice.  Guess he didn’t mind hearing it from her.

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