On the move, no moss growing here…

I am not the type of person who’s physically capable of being happy just being a lump on a log.  Do you know what a pain that is??  I have to be producing something – whether it’s a weedfree flower garden, beautiful pictures, quilts, a clean house (HA!), lunch, a tot who’s getting educated or entertained in some way.  Sometimes, if my task is physical, I can’t even be happy leaving it at that, I have to multi-task – like weeding – I write my blogs in my head, or work on my general manager stuff – jeepers… And then, since it’s a well known fact that I have no memory, I have to write it all down as soon as I take a break, and by then I’ve lost a good portion of it already.  You would think with this type of personality that my house would be clean, and my life would be ultra-organized, and you would be Wa-RONG.  Because there are not enough hours in the day for all of my interests and I am not that efficient, and Oh, yeah – remember that fatigue thing? and that memory thing?  So I came in for some water from my weeding to write this down – better go get my water before I forget because I was seriously passing out in the heat every time I stood up from the crouching lion position – this is about as yoga as I get. Hear me ROAR.  Better go before I Iose the motivation and Tot’s show is over.  Who me, use the TV as babysitter? NEVER!!!



Enough about me.  On to the star of the show! Ain’t she grand?  Note the double-fisted tea-drinking skills and at such a young age.  I’m so busy drinking tea, I may never get out of the house again…


Well I wrote this early, but I’m posting it late – time seems to go at warp speed so I have to sign off.  More when I can manage.  Maybe 2010?  I think Tot was moving at warp speed too – check out that background blur.


And besides, I have to go scour the the internet to see if not drinking enough water with my new meds can actually cause low grade fever and total misery in this heat.  Need to get good and paranoid well before Monday morning when I call my doctor to tell her exactly what’s wrong with me and what should be done about it….  YES, I’m kidding, for heaven’s sake I’m kidding….. but she darn well better listen to my ranting anyway….

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