One of the seven signs….

Prepare yourself. We’ve just experienced one of the seven signs that the world is coming to an end.

The kitchen is actually finally completely utterly DONE!!!

I think back to when my thoughts paralleled Shakespeare’s – Oh kitchen, how do I hate thee? Let me count thy ways… Though I don’t think I ever actually finished counting. It was truly the antithesis of my dream kitchen, from it’s drop light box, to the tile countertops and pickled cabinets. Fortunately, I no longer have to look at it…. Mr.Tot removed the wall between dining room and kitchen over a year ago, and things are a tad bit different now….

It went from this:

DSCN0771.JPG DSCN0773.JPG P1010326

To THIS: (in a mere 9 months)


Note the beautiful crown molding and the under cabinet trim which hides the lights and outlets. I hear the angels singing.

So this and the next picture were taken before the trim and blinds went in, so shoot me.


The biggest thing I’ve learned is that having a beautiful kitchen is great motivation to keep it clean and looking beautiful. Or to make the least amount of mess possible. But after cooking cheater meals for ages, I realized, what was the point of getting a new kitchen if I’m not going to cook??

So I’ve been motivated to try cooking real meals again, not just my tried and true dishes that I’ve made before, but new ones that expand my horizons. So we have enjoyed teriyaki tilapia with a crushed almond finish (my own creation), lemon ricotta gnocci, compost lasagna (made with all the vegetables in my crisper drawer and lasted longer than we would have liked), all things Blueberry (I forgot to mention that we did share some of our 42 lbs of blueberries with our friends), Green Goddess salad with shrimp, banana bread pudding which doubles as an excellent french toast breakfast, ginger glazed mahi mahi, and most recently – for our “HooRAY, the kitchen’s FINALLY DONE” dinner – coconut shrimp *FABulous*!!!

The interesting thing is that shortly after I started cooking again, the latest copy of This Old House magazine, features an article “First Supper – The kitchen’s complete – Let’s eat!”. Now I just need a maid, ’cause by the time I finish tracking down new recipes and cooking, I’m too tired to clean…

But best of all is the family friendly aspect of our new kitchen – just asking to be played in, and chased and relaxed in… and OHH I get loads of *help* when I cook. Here are our fearless leap froggers and loiterers – princesses and black cats make the best friends, don’tcha know?
IMGP0968 IMGP0974

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