Phases of this Little Girl’s Room

A month ago, when Mr.Tot was out of town on business for a week, I invited a few friends from the neighborhood and their kids to have a sleepover.   It was our first GIRLs night in/kid sleepover – a chance for us girls to get together and hang out, without hiring babysitters.  It was rather chaotic, with each of us getting called away for reasons such as vomit, allergic reactions, head bumps, boogie monsters, etc.  Nevertheless, we declared it a success.   The one, who had teenage kids, was totally relaxed, as her kids had declined to join us, which was really a shame, because THEY could have entertained the smaller crowd, and we would all have been thrilled.

I planned this event, in part, to give myself motivation and a deadline to redo Tot’s room.  I have promised her for about the last year, that we would paint her room.  PINK. Big surprise.  Of course, at the last minute, she wanted to add lots of colors, but we stuck with PINK.  What I planned ahead was merely a paint job in some shade of pink.  What it turned into was a total makeover.

You first have to understand that I did not, nor have I ever, planned a room from scratch and then gone out to shop to make it happen.  I tend to buy bits and pieces that I like as I see them, regardless of whether I can actually use them or not.  It is not one of my better qualities, as it makes for a lot of stuff tucked away indefinitely and more often than not – forgotten.  Or sometimes, I use it anyways to the detriment of the overall appearance.  Anyways, I had collected all sorts of stuff for Tot’s room that had yet to be incorporated because her room was so busy and so full.

IMGP1900 copy

When she was born, we did not know ahead of time what gender she would be, so everything was just a riot of bright color, because that’s what I like anyways, because let’s face it – we, I mean I, decorated for ME.  Hey, she’s supposed to take after me, right?

We started her out in a crib in our room, and then when she graduated to her own room, it had the crib, and an air mattress to play or nap or sleep on. Notice the napping being so expertly displayed here…

(Note:  when I started looking for pictures for this post, I realized I had never taken pictures specifically of her room, and had to find what I could.  I did not take *BEFORE* pictures, because I really did not plan to completely redecorate her room…)

IMGP6576 copy

IMGP8868 copy

Then, we finally removed the crib, because she didn’t like sleeping in it much anymore, maybe because, despite all the pillows we piled beside it, she didn’t like falling on the floor every night.   Notice the napping again being expertly displayed.  That may be the last nap she ever took.  I think she was 2.

At some point, she woke up crying and screaming so often, that most nights, one of us would spend the better part of the night with her.  We decided that the air mattress was too cold, especially on the floor, and that she needed a real bed.  BUT, Mr.Tot decreed that if anyone got a new bed, it would be us, and the trickle down could flow to her.  Costco obliged us by having a fabulous deal on a memory foam mattress that has been heavenly and actually cheaper than a twin mattress set.  So Blondie got our old queen mattress set, and Tot got his old double mattress set. This made EVERYONE happy, and that went double for Mr.Tot and myself, as we got ultra comfort in our own bed, and vastly improved comfort and SPACE in Tot’s *new* bed as compared to the twin sized air mattress.  But the rest of her decor stayed the same hodgepodge of color and style.  Alas, the naps went by the wayside…

IMGP1350 copy

Over time, we added more and more stuff – toys, furry residents,  bookshelves, etc.   The hodgepodge got to be overwhelming…  Which brings us to last month…

The week before I started, I happened to find a great duvet & sham set at my favorite boutique for a whopping $7 – Kismet!   As I started to empty Tot’s room prior to Mr.Tot’s departure in preparation for the great painting project, I began to think about how cool it would be if she had a nice, neat girly room. She has a attic eaves playroom adjacent to her room where non-short people can only stand up (barely) along one edge.  It is a great playroom for kids, and will be a great closet when she turns teenager (next month).  I started to fantasize about all her toys fitting in that one small room.  I tend to get a little carried away at my favorite thrift, I mean boutique, store, and with the truckloads of toys being delivered from the neighbors inventory monthly, we will NEVER suffer from lack of toys.  At least not until her preferences get more expensive or turn electronic…


So, as I cleaned out her room to paint, I came across all sorts of stuff I had been hoping to use to decorate, and slowly started figuring out how to make it all work together.  I donned Mr.Tot’s grungy painting clothes, and pulled out that leftover, unmarked 5-gallon bucket of quasi-white paint that had about a gallon and a half left and that quart of red paint that was less than half full, and took the plunge.  I did not buy a single thing for this project except a 69 cent ceiling hook.  I used up every last bit of blue tape we owned which was exactly enough.  Like it was meant to be… Since I didn’t think I had any paint to spare, I poured some red paint directly into the 5 gallon bucket and mixed.

I imagined wonderful swirling designs gracefully covering her walls in various shades of pink, but then reality sunk in.  What could I do in a short period of time?  And so…. with a little daring, and a mighty sponge, and mercifully short-lived help from the short one, her room turned 6 shades of pink.  I just kept adding more red paint directly to that bucket of ever-deepening pink.  There was no going back, but the great thing about being artistic is that there are no mistakes!  At least none that other people can point out.   Ahhh, I meant to do that!


And Ta DA!              Her room revealed…

Leftover paint from other projects – free

Throw rugs – Piano man’s old room rugs

Paper lanterns – Christmas tree shop purchase

Wash stand – gift from a friend – she stripped & painted it herself

Things you can’t see:

1) Cube nightstand- $10 on clearance years ago – sold at Pottery barn for 3 figures  2) Butterfly stickers - Dollar store  3) Lamp – from Mom

Mirror behind it - a *boutique* (aka thrift store) find that I pseudo-glazed to semi-match the washstand (I say pseudo because I totally winged it -didn’t know what the fiberty flidget I was doing)

Pink floor chair & little mirrors, Duvet and shams – same boutique* (mirror frames repainted)


Magic canopy with ribbons – boutique purchase from last year or three

Wall quilt – handmade gift from same wonderful friend who gave me washstand (now owns a quilt shop!)

Coat stand & shelf – from neighbor, stars repainted pink

Curtain to playroom, triple frame, note board, & small white chest, lounge chair - boutique – lavender matt painted PINK

I believe all of the mentioned items added up to a GRAND TOTAL of $53.69 .  (69 cents for the celing hook to hang the MAGIC canopy)

Pickle cat, just out of sight, IN the magic canopy NOT included, because although we got him from the pound, he would have blown our budget.


If bed jumping is any indication of happiness or approval levels, then Tot’s new bedroom is a slam dunk success.    And Pickles likes it too, especially his new hangout – the magic canopy.



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