Picture updates for Previous Posts

3LeashCircus This goes with Walking the Tot or 3-Leash Circus.  Tot doesn’t have HER little dog walking with her, but given how difficult this picture was to get, consider yourselves lucky to see it at all.  Barkylthorpe (on the right) was resisting arrest, I mean, joining us, and had to be dragged, I mean, coaxed.  Bergylsnorpe (on the left) was miles, okay, 26 feet ahead of  us yanking my shoulder out of its socket.  I think I know why Mr.Tot has had shoulder surgery on both shoulders…. It’s all becoming clear to me now…  And Tot (the one in the middle with the cute little froggie backpack that you can’t see) would, every time I tried to take a picture while I was holding the leashes and she was besides Miss Barkylthorpe, rush ahead.   Arghhhh.   I did thank my lucky stars that they didn’t all rush off the minute I laid the leashes down.  But I did have a heck of a time getting them organized a couple minutes later when a couple walked by with their dog and Bergylsnorpe did his usual Oooh Oooh OOOH pick me Pick ME !!! routine.  Please note Tot’s lovely adult size 9 aqua-blue sandals that made her trip every third or fourth step.   Oh the joys of stubborn persistence. 

FuzzybuttFuzzyfocus  This picture gets added to My file of butt photos rated g. This is my fuzzy butt in fuzzy focus of our latest addition – Pickles aka Toonces of whom you will see lots.  He was formerly an indoor cat, so prior to his transition – yes, he is plotting his escape with every door opening and every waft of fresh air and outside grass-is-greener, voles-are-vexing-and-vamping smells and sounds until he is ready to explode with.. oh wait, no, he’s just passed out in the corner.  Now, where was I?  Oh yes, so, he’s indoors all the now time, well, except for a little time on the porch, so I have lots of opportunities to catch him on camera.  Thus and therefore, he will likely be a regular feature in this space until he completes his escape, or convinces Whiney Bits to smuggle a file in his catfood.   To entertain himself, he tortures the dogs by sleeping in the doorway effectively blocking their comings and goings, which he finds especially amusing at mealtimes and walks.  Do you know how funny it is to see a forty pound dog intimidated by a passed out fourteen pound cat?


TotGodivaHalf Last but certainly not least, this also get added to that same file of tuckuses, tuches, behinds, whatever you want to call them, or the original picture did.  Mr.Tot and I did not think I should post it to the internet intact – sad, but necessary I guess.  This picture could be “Tot Godiva”.

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