Playing catch-up…

There are just soooOO many things to catch up on…

Before we left for Aspen, our life seemed to be coming together for a change:

Tot got into preschool despite my spacing on the signup period.  Here’s Tot on her new ride.  Doesn’t she wish!!

AND Tot had me fooled for a while that I was in heaven.  When I tucked her in at night, she would claim she was hungry, and I would go downstairs, nominally to get something for her, and never go back up as she fell asleep in the meantime.  It was fabulous, and way too short-lived.

The great organization effort is making significant progress.  Our kitchen is looking like it’s straight out of a design magazine, despite the fact that it’s not quite finished.  The displaced kitchen refugees that got relocated to every nook and cranny of our dining room have since been been returned safely home or relocated to cozy cupboards in the neighboring garage.  The garage itself is in the midst of a transformation, the likes of which we never thought possible.  Our house is finally evolving into our dream house.  There is still work to be done, but it’s getting ever closer.

But of course, life is never perfect, so Monday morning I had to call the pediatrician and the endodontist AGAIN.  Tot had a raging ear AND eye infection with no complaints whatsoever.  The only hint we had that anything was wrong were her eyes plastered shut every morning.  Fortunately, she didn’t even have to miss her ballet class.  And I was worried that my temporary filling had fallen out, because my tongue was glued to the hole in my tooth from the root canal.  It was no big deal, and the only reason I called was so I wouldn’t have any problems during our impending travel.

Then we got to the Roaring Fork Valley in Colorado, just south of Aspen.  The last 2 times I was here, I had some pretty quirky cases of altitude sickness. In addition to headaches and feeling generally awful, I was hot, so hot that I was outside in 20° weather in a tank top and just comfortable.  So this time I was bound and determined not to have altitude sickness, which is due to lack of sufficient oxygen.  I got advice to drink lots of water which raises your red blood cell count to produce more oxygen or something like that.  A gallon and a half of water and fifteen trips to the bathroom later, I’m doing pretty well.  Intermittent headaches but holding up fine, UNTIL.

My inlaws sabotaged me!!!  I was eating pita chips and one drilled between my holy tooth and the next one and wedged pointy end first into my gum.  Mr.Tot was kind enough to perform a pita-chip-ectomy, but I knew something was horribly wrong. There was a vertical crack and shift in the tooth, and there was something hanging down interfering with my bite.  I felt like if I bit down, that entire tooth would shatter.  THIRD call to my endodontist’s personal cell phone later  (first was the antibiotic rash, second was the temporary filling pretending to fall out, and now this), man, is he regretting he gave me his number!  I got to see another dentist here Friday.  The process of breaking off my cracked piece of tooth seemed barbaric, yet painless.  Hopefully I can last another 5 days before I see the dentist again without further dental catastrophe.

Friday, Tot took a ski lesson.  The age range was 3 – 5 and we had to sweet talk a bit to get Tot in as her birthday is this next Tuesday.  They warned us that the experience can be too much for some of the younger kids.  So as I took her in to get her boots fitted, I started having second thoughts.  The place was a madhouse of kids, with a din to match.  Tot appeared shellshocked.  I really wanted her to like skiing and hoped we weren’t making a mistake.   They have parent-free zones everywhere, so we took our leave.  But when after lunch Tot’s grandpa said he was going to see if he could watch her, I went with him.  Man was it hilarious.  They had a little rubber strip set up for them to walk up this tiny hill, and Tot kept plopping over.  I could just imagine her saying, “I’m zhausted”.    I was so relieved to see her having fun.  Another little kid pitched a crying fit, but Tot seemed unfazed.  By the end of her lesson, she got on the magic carpet by herself, and was starting to do the pizza wedge with her skis.  Of course, it helped that they tied her tips together.  After her lesson, we were going to give her a hug on her way into the building, but she stopped us with a stern look, and a pointed finger, saying “I’ll see you on the other side.”  Such the little policeman.   I was hoping to ski with her today, but that didn’t work out.  Antibiotic complications…  Need I say more?

Then Saturday happened.  Mr.Tot, Blondie and I decided to go skiing on Ajax, which is a steeper mountain.  It was pretty cold and snowy, so Piano Man and Tot were taking the day off.  Grandma and Grandpa who would normally ski with us were both sporting injured knees, and stayed home as well.  We got a late start and it was snowing.  I was nervous as I had not skied in years.  Mr.Tot did competitive skiing as a teenager, so you know he’s good, and Blondie had just taken 2 full days of classes.  I was hoping to keep up.  I managed to survive the morning, and despite my aching thighs was feeling pretty good.  After lunch, Mr.Tot and Blondie wanted to ski a steep run full of moguls.  I wasn’t feeling THAT good, but fortunately there was a smooth path off to one side.  So I headed down and stopped to watch Blondie to see how far his lessons had taken him.  He started down rather slowly, when Mr.Tot casually swooshes down looking completely comfortable.  That didn’t last long.  He took a tumble, for which I started teasing him.  He started to get up and immediately started sliding down the hill when he went down again, and this time it didn’t seem so funny.  Sure enough he got a magic toboggan ride down and a not-so-free trip to the hospital.  One torn ACL later and he’s pretty darn disgusted with himself.   It didn’t help that he did it on a run called Dipsy Doodle. No more skiing, surgery ahead and getting home will be a challenge with our 3 tons of stuff.

Now, if we can just make it home without further mishap, it will be a miracle!

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