Preparing rants and exhibiting evidence

I’m trying to compose a down and out rant to the NC insurance commissioner about our ex-car insurance company and our insurance agent. Trust me – you will hear ALL about it!!! I’m just not sure how long it will take me to compose an accurate yet cathartic account that I won’t get thrown in jail for. I’m trying to get POSITIVE results, not those unflattering lateral stripes…

secretMessagesUntil then, here’s more evidence of alien visitation: Secret color-coded messages have been left on our refrigerator!! If only I spoke alien! I’m sure it’s something vitally important, maybe Tot can interpret.  That green bit looks like “go TX RC” – Go Texas Rotorcraft?   Hmmm, just what does that mean?  Bell Agusta Aerospace Company?, the BA609 Tilt Rotor?  Should I invest?  Should I book a flight?  WHAT????

PettingTooncesAnd yet more evidence of aliens among us…. See how one eye is red and one is green??? Sure sign he’s an alien! Half his blood is red and half green – he’s a mutant ninja dog-terrorizing cat, aka Toonces, but we call him Pickles. We’re considering spray painting him green for Halloween and sticking a few green M&M’s in his fur for the bumps…  And he’s already got his minion trained to give him a massage.  Maybe I should get in good with him…

In the meantime, I leave you to ponder a few subjects: kids’ fascination with bubbles, and balloons – discuss amongst yourselves, and I’ll get back to you on those too, eventually….

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