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Dear Tot God Gal,

God Gramps and I really miss you.  Especially your incredible hugs, your unbelievable vocabulary and appetite.  Also your “bees knees” and your little feet running around.  (How is your little foot?) 

Now, I have some news for you!!!   Flappy is on his way but he is very concerned that his wings will not hold out for the whole trip.  There is a little old lady (not God Grams) heading to North Carolina who has offered to give him a lift.  He was much relieved to hear that.  Also, if all else fails,” Mr. Brown” will help him the rest of the way.  WOW!!!  Floppy just took off with a map to your house, so be looking for him. 

Love you lots, (your parents too)


Dear God guys, 

My little foot seems to be better.  But my parents are driving me crazy.  I just met this guy, Diego on the big screen, and I’m crazy about him, and they won’t let me see him except once in a while. It’s just not fair.  I have to make my protest heard on a regular basis, but darn if they don’t ignore me….

I’ve been keeping an eye out for Flappy, but it would help to know what I’m watching for!!  Plus tomorrow, I won’t be home — Dad’s kicking us out so he can make the dining room floor all shiny. and turn the room green!  Mom promised we could go find some big houses with slides.  She better not cop out on me!  Tell Flappy he can always hang out with the frogs in our watering hole until we get home.   I can leave some goldfish for him too – the crumbs from the rainbow kind make you feel like you’re eating confetti. 

Maybe you can enlighten me on Mom’s new behavior – she’s started calling me Taz and pulling her hair out.  This can’t be good.  What should I do?   

Hugs and kisses, Tot

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