Welcome to Ruffles R Us…  The Tot is still wearing size 2 and 3 though the clothes are getting very short.  She’ll be 4 in 2 months, but the size 4 items she’s gotten I’ve had to take in considerably since she’s rather skinny, and they just fall down immediately if they’re not the adjustable waistband.  Just as I was lamenting this situation,  I saw an outfit at the play place that had ruffles on the pant legs – adorable!  AND the answer to our problem.  So I spent an evening or two adding ruffles to several of Tot’s pants, and even one top.






















My main model is a diva — VERY uncooperative, but oh so cute. and totally worth the trouble.  Check her out.

And then there’s all those cute clothes with stains or cuts from a Tot on the loose with scissors.  There’s the brand new outfit that had the misfortune of being on when Tot found the sharpie, and the outfit from Brazil my brother got for her that got assaulted by blueberries….  What to do when the stain remover doesn’t work?  Cover them with buttons.  Lots and LOTS of buttons!












Tot’s starting her own clothing line… Maybe the Tot shop will be a real store someday!



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