Santa Baby – you’re my alibi

Reader, forgive me for I have lapsed.  It’s been almost 3 weeks since my last confession post.  But with a distraction like this one, can you blame me?

Actually, I drove or was driven a total of 27 hours, flew 2300 miles, acquired new inlaws, swam, played golf, built a snow chicken (sorry, no pictures), played umpteen hours of cards, laughed and cringed through hours of Guitar Hero (I’m just saying), scrubbed harder than Cinderella to get the grout off our slate tiles,  got banned from my own house, had a wonderful houseguest who literally straightened me out, and, OH suffered mightily when my laptop DIED while in a strange land and my brother left me high and dry without internet.  BTW, the kitchen is STILL not done….  And more company arrives Thursday…  Am I forgiven yet?

What if I promise pictures of our overhauled living room complete with new slate floor?   More kitchen pictures?  More Tot pictures?   Done, done and done, but for now, I’m headed to bed.  This is the blog of Mañana.

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