Scavenger Hunt Makeover

So this past Christmas vacation, I decided we needed a little excitement. We invited 5 families to join us for a scavenger hunt, dessert and movies. When we sent the invite e-mails, we hadn’t actually planned the details of the scavenger hunt. I kind of had in mind more of a treasure hunt where you have to solve a clue which leads you to the next clue and eventually you find the treasure, but I was too frazzled to come up with witty clues, or cough up any treasure.

I was browsing for ideas online and was sorely disappointed, when suddenly I came up with an idea myself to make things a bit more interesting, though I wasn’t entirely sure just how it would go over with the kids – ages 3 – 13. Instead of a set list of items to collect, I told them they could collect any disposable thing they wanted or could get from the owners of 4 houses and anything from outside that the owners wouldn’t be upset about missing. I did provide lists of possible items as examples that I had gotten off the internet. With these items, they then had to create a character with a face, appendages, and clothing or accessories. And it had to be colorful. They would be judged on number of items used and creativity.

With the 6 families, we split into 4 teams of 2 or 3 little kids, 1 big kid, and 1 adult. We had just enough adults to hand out items at the houses, and participate on the teams, ’cause SOME people had to work. Gads. Armed with the instruction sheet and a collection bag, the four teams set out. My team was handicapped as I was a bit scatterbrained, being the director of the operation, answering questions, and remembering the umpteen things I had forgotten and such. And my team which included Tot and her twin, also had a little boy who clashed mightily with the meek and mild (NOT) Tot. But we were not daunted by squabbles or faulty glue gun, or glimpses of rival teams’ creations, impressive though they were.

After all was said and done, I was mightily pleased with the results of my crazy idea and just how much everybody got into it. The characters were adorable, and every team made sure that every member from smallest to tallest got to make some decisions about their project. Everybody declared it a success even if I did forget to put out the peppermint brownies at dessert time.

In this corner, Thomas the train is commandeered by a dinosaur….

Back Camera

Over here, Robotussin needs a little straightening up.

Looks like Goldilocks

had a little work done, either that or she’s taking after Madonna with her wardrobe…IMGP4868

And last, but not least, “Stinky Sock” is a definite contender for the Triple Crown. And yes, he’s blowing his own horn about it.


Last I heard Robitussin was working up the nerve to ask Goldilocks out…

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