Slow Down Spring! You move too Fast!

I took this picture a few weeks ago and most of the flowering trees and azaleas and such have passed the prime to say the least.

I wish I could play Spring in slow motion.  The landscape changes so much every day, and every minute of it is breathtaking.  And I haven’t even pulled out our infrared camera filter yet – which is criminal, CRIMINAL.

I had 2 trips right in the middle of this most gorgeous of seasons, one to cold weather and one to hot weather when the weather was perfect right HERE.   Not too cold, not too hot, JUST right!

And now it’s blazing hot already – we’ve skipped straight to summer which just makes me cranky!  I hate hot weather.  Tot is sick again, so at least that’s an excuse to stay in the nice cool air conditioning.  But really, how long can that last?  Usually she wants to be outside no matter what.  Why couldn’t Spring last the whole 3 months as advertised?  Can I sue?  Hey God, we had a deal!

Guess I’ll just have to create my own little flowering oasis on my back porch. Just forget about my failed garden last year.  This time, I sticking to weed-free pots!  Or mostly weed free.  I hope…

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