Some Days…

I have great aspirations to make my daughter happy, polite and well-behaved, and give her as many opportunities as possible to learn through play and teaching.  I hope to give her exposure to lots of fun stuff, but impose discipline in such a way as to keep everybody happy — Hmmm, is that even possible?  

But then…. there are days like today. Where the most I aspire to on her behalf is a change of diaper when absolutely necessary and a few meals, even if all 3 consist of the same thing – yogurt, strawberries and pepperoni – at her request.  My resistance and energy was at an all-time low.  But it was better than cheez-its and poptarts which is what I was craving and would have eaten, had we had any in the house.  Oh, except I gave up cheez-its for Lent, which is why I didn’t have any in the house, ’cause that temptation would be more than I could handle, especially on a day like today.  My dinner was a stale roll and some smoked turkey, and Mr. Tot fended for himself.  He didn’t have any energy either, having laid slate all day in our dining room, so his dinner was cereal.  Our house was an energy-free zone Sunday evening… Well, energy-free for adults.  Tot, of course, had plenty of energy, as usual.


And to top it off, I didn’t even have the energy to complete and post this blog entry last night — How pathetic.

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  • lindeR

    you are so funny. can’t believe that you have time to be a bloggie and a mom and a wife and a quilter, and the famous LOLA.

    it was such fun to spend time last week, i hope you all had a good time with olive.


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