Something’s Brewing!

I think Tot has cast a spell on me.  I’ve been cleaning and organizing for three days straight – that’s the equivalent of a world record, Olympic even!  Though today we did take a break to make a banjo. Yes, we did.  But I’m not saying any more, ’cause I hope to have a special treat for you shortly.  We’ll see if the stars align.  Meanwhile, I’ve figured out, if I can keep going on my cleaning/organizing jag for another 25 days, it will be one month, a short month albeit, of cleaning and I may manage to finish the job.  Maybe.

However, I’m already planning alternate activities tomorrow – TAXES!  Despite the fact we’re getting a significant refund, I’ve still been avoiding them like the plague.  Maybe a box of cookies will help.  Hey, we all have our tricks to get things done.

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