STOP, or I shall say Stop again!

If you factor in the nap I inadvertently took when I sat down on the couch before dinner, I essentially went to bed at 8pm last night, since I fell asleep before or perhaps with Tabor and then got up only to go to my own bed where I thought I was going to read, but Mr.Tot tells me I opened my book and promptly started snoring.  And despite being summoned to Tot’s bed at 6am, I did sleep until 8am.  So that’s 12 hours.  And I’m still tired.  Maybe it was reading to her for THREE hours while she was on the potty to try to get a urine sample, only to have the cup tilt into the potty and have the sample completely contaminated with dust and fur.  Amazingly, the doctor’s office claimed her sample was negative for UTIs or whatever it is they check for Diabetes. Sometimes Motherhood is severely overrated.

Of course, Tot’s raving lunatic fringe performance from the moment she woke up screaming pushing me away until finally conceding we could go to the grocery store to pick out an empty cup of yogurt after lunchtime, but still screaming in the car because they would only have full cups and neither she nor I could empty the cup, did not help one bit.  It drained every last drop of energy from my bones.   Dora yogurt saved the day.  Dora, I thank you.  We did manage to have a pleasant afternoon after all of that, taking lots of pictures and enjoying a beautiful day in the woods.  It seems the worse the tantrum, the sweeter she is to make up for it.  I suspect that’s God’s intervention trying to save her hide.  And thankfully, putting her to bed tonight was blissfully quick.

I’m doing another craft show this weekend at my church – indoors, thank goodness.  Should be a bit easier.  I hate to say it but my mom was right (and you too, Nellie!) — local pictures seem to sell the best.  People “ooh” and “ahh” at my Europe pictures and then buy the local ones.   I took 55 new pictures this last week that might be sellable (of the 668 that I shot), only 10 in which you can recognize local landmarks.  The others are of fall foliage or the Tot.  Since I have to take Tot with me everywhere, and she INSISTS on getting out of the car with me, I get my workout, and pictures of her as well.

The foliage has been breathtaking, though it seems to progress in chapters, so there’s no grand finale of riotous color like you see in New England.  Even so, every day brings a new incredible scene around every corner.  A lot of trees are bare, but there’s also every stage from dark red through solid green.  I’ll be driving along and see a flaming tree that truly appears to be lit from within.   I missed the color around the lakes since they take their turn early and I was stressing about my first show.  I have tried to save some absolutely gorgeous leaves by soaking them in glycerin, but it didn’t work that well.  I suspect I had too many leaves in too little solution.  I decided it’s easier to capture them in pictures.  Taking pictures is a really nice excuse to be outside — just ask Tot.  She didn’t want to let me go home when Nature called — funny thing that Nature calls me to go inside.

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