Halloween costume or alter ego???

Here’s the BEFORE and AFTER of my schizophrenia….

You see my neighbors had a Halloween party and they were Fred and Wilma Flintstone. My hair did not want to cooperate into a classic punk rock spike, so my good friend Nellie suggested a Pebbles hairdo… Perfect! So I am Pebbles gone punk rock.

Totally freaked [...]

Medical Kudzu

Intense non-stop long-term pain is like kudzu on your life. It covers everything and strangles it, including your enthusiasm, your will to live, and even those who live with you. You live in a landscape where all you see and feel is pain. You can see the shape of all those people and things in [...]


Tot turned 3. End of the terrible twos? Only if you bring on the thoroughly thrashing threes. She has been a complete and utter diva, screaming and carrying on about every little thing and I’m ready to retire from motherhood. Anybody want her?

Good thing she’s cute, or she would have been out with the [...]

This ain’t your “reglier” zoo

Our critters are always entertaining, but lately they’re getting downright ….. hmmm, what’s the word? nuts.

Pickles has decided to take up a new vocation. The squirrel chasing just wasn’t working out. So, he’s decided to become a garden statue…. Whaddaya think?

Barkylthorpe decided she was a Carolina fan, and insisted on showing her [...]

Biker, Soldier, Wacko?

You decide…. Is she supposed to be a soldier chic, a biker babe, or some wacko trying to communicate with the aliens in outer space? Would it matter if I told you the bowl was part of the kitchen scale? Maybe it’s her protest against the scale — a continuing saga from the day she [...]

Vacation, what vacation?

First of all, let me give the 30 second update on the last blog entry…

1) Tot has infections in both ears, not swimmer’s ears, the other kind of infection, which is weird, because she’s never shown any sign of a cold or runny nose, until today. [...]

Alien Visitation or Little Elves?

Okay so maybe they’re not aliens, except in the sense that sometimes it’s hard to believe that they’re really MY parents because I can’t seem to keep up with them and they’re my parents. This is depressing – I can’t keep up with my parents or my Tot – now what? Though they [...]