The Fight is on…


My brother called on Wednesday. He sounded so chipper, I thought maybe they got good news. I swear I have never met 2 people who are more “The cup is half full” rather than “half empty” in my entire life. “She lit up like a Christmas tree” he quipped, which is NOT a good [...]

Life is unfair…

I was going to write a light post celebrating the first full day with no potty accidents in a very long time.

And then I saw an early birthday wish posted to my brother on facebook. And the realization hit me. And I cried… again. Just feeling the unfairness of life hurdling down on those [...]

Baa HAAA Hoo Halloween is HERE

I love Halloween. I think it’s my favorite holiday. And it’s an absolutely gorgeous time of year.

(Pumpkin pics from Better Homes and Garden website, Little lamb pic is all mine)

As a kid, you get to dress up, wield large knives (okay, maybe Mom and Dad did that part), go running around [...]

Leaving town and patient behind

So in my last post, we’re were in the ER with Mr.Tot. He ended up being admitted to the hospital with a very serious skin infection. It was dreadful. I got home at 4:30am. He stayed 2 days and came home Monday night at 10pm via the help of neighbors. Pretty extreme measures to get [...]

Are We There Yet?

Yesterday, Tot and I drove to Nana & Papa’s house. I knew it would take AT LEAST 9 hours, but I have done it before and survived. This time, it almost killed me. I nearly fell asleep at the wheel twice, and had to find a place to pull off and rest my eyes. After [...]

Not Again….

So I just did my craft show yesterday and it went well. I didn’t even come close to selling out, but that was a bit ambitious. I spent a lot of late nights preparing and a lot of energy stressing about it all, so I was too tired to go out to dinner. I was [...]

Alien Visitation or Little Elves?

Okay so maybe they’re not aliens, except in the sense that sometimes it’s hard to believe that they’re really MY parents because I can’t seem to keep up with them and they’re my parents. This is depressing – I can’t keep up with my parents or my Tot – now what? Though they [...]