Why Valentine’s Day can be SOOO Scary!


This is why I pity any guys who like the Tot …. Note the war paint and the hearts dripping blood on her trusty pumpkin. I think she’s waiting for it to turn into a coach to take her to the Prince’s Royal Ball… Could be a while. Her fairy godmother has her [...]

One of the seven signs….

Prepare yourself. We’ve just experienced one of the seven signs that the world is coming to an end.

The kitchen is actually finally completely utterly DONE!!!

I think back to when my thoughts paralleled Shakespeare’s – Oh kitchen, how do I hate thee? Let me count thy ways… Though I don’t think I ever actually [...]

And the Angels Sang!

And they’re singing LOUD baby!

I think God took pity on me, ’cause he just gave me the best present I could ever imagine right now. It’s been a tough day, not because of anything in particular. I’ve just been cranky, utterly cranky. And then. I saw Heaven. And her name was Claire.

Tot was [...]

My Fairy Godmother is coming….

I do not believe in magic pills. I believe a thin healthy body requires continuous investment of hard work: eating healthy in reasonable portions (which for me is HARD work!!!), and exercizing to stay fit and trim. Back when I had to lose 30 pounds thanks to the weight gain side effect of [...]