Welcome to Ruffles R Us… The Tot is still wearing size 2 and 3 though the clothes are getting very short. She’ll be 4 in 2 months, but the size 4 items she’s gotten I’ve had to take in considerably since she’s rather skinny, and they just fall down immediately if they’re not the adjustable [...]

Leading the Charge

Tinkerbell was high on pixie dust Sunday night. She had to be. She outlasted her little twin — the black kitty behind her passed out long before Tink even thought about slowing down. She even outlasted her 4, 5, 6 and 7 year old neighbors.

That pixie dust must be strong stuff because [...]

They say we all have a twin.

Just didn’t realize they could be 70 years removed. Remember the woman from the Old Navy commercials? It’s her!!! She is Tot’s twin! At least in the glasses department. And perhaps in the being-inordinately-fond-of-her-pet department too. Though I really kind of hope Tot doesn’t end up making commercials like her twin’s ….. Pretty please? They [...]