Learn math, America! and why I’m exhausted…

There’s something that drives me crazy every time I hear it. One of my favorite shows even had one of the characters say it: “You know, pregnancy actually lasts 10 months… ”

Hello? The so-called 40 week duration starts from the first day of a woman’s LAST period, which means for approximately the first 2 [...]

Hazardous Duty aka How to pill a cat

My dad asked me recently if I got a job. What are you talking about? I asked… His response: You haven’t blogged lately. I guess I’m not the only blogger who’s having trouble keeping up. I was reading a blogger I like who hadn’t blogged in a month. Her excuse – feeding her 2 girls [...]


Last week, my parents left a message: ”What’s Wrong? Are you okay? We haven’t heard from you, and there are no new blogs…”

Tot happened. Well, her and life.

She turned into a fire breathing dragon, or some close relative. And I over committed to all sorts of things which left me exhausted. I’m [...]