A gift from me to you… Skip the Fruitcake!

It started with a leftover loaf of Under-Wonder (otherwise known as all tasteless white bread better used as a sponge) from Blondie’s camping trip. Leave it to teenage boys to eat junk. Mr.Tot suggested throwing it out, but no, my hoarder, I mean, resourceful inner chef would not, could not let that stuff be added [...]

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus AKA Miracle in Boston


On Friday, my family gathered in Boston from around the country to rally around my brother, David, as his wife underwent surgery for what we all assumed would be removal of roughly half of her right lung. In late October, the doctors told them that the PET scan indicated there was 90% probability that [...]

First Day of Preschool

Mark off another milestone… Tot invaded the preschool this week and her teachers called her a doll. She just wishes she could ride a school bus like the BIG kids.

There was one disappointment however… no ice cream on the playground. I’m sure she thinks she was duped ’cause when she visited last spring [...]

Mr.Sandman, I love you!

As I look back at some earlier posts, I realize I may have presented a slightly negative impression of my perfect little daughter. Well, perfect except for tonight, when while dining at a nice restaurant, we had to feed her dinner under the table like a feral cat because she wouldn’t sit in her seat [...]