Hazardous Duty aka How to pill a cat

My dad asked me recently if I got a job. What are you talking about? I asked… His response: You haven’t blogged lately. I guess I’m not the only blogger who’s having trouble keeping up. I was reading a blogger I like who hadn’t blogged in a month. Her excuse – feeding her 2 girls [...]

Silver Linings

You’ve heard of Christmas in July? Well, this is Thanksgiving in June.

I’m grateful…

- that the bag of dog food that is now in a thousand chewed up pieces was empty

- that we have a 8 pack of big girl pants for Tot, since today used up half of them

- that I [...]

New Directions

I have so many things I want to share and my mind feels like a schizophrenic VCR skipping over hundreds of bits and pieces. This bit I have to write first because it’s fresh in my mind and represents so much of my life’s energy right now.

I have come to a decision to take [...]

Leaving town and patient behind

So in my last post, we’re were in the ER with Mr.Tot. He ended up being admitted to the hospital with a very serious skin infection. It was dreadful. I got home at 4:30am. He stayed 2 days and came home Monday night at 10pm via the help of neighbors. Pretty extreme measures to get [...]

Frazzled and flashing forward…

This last week has been rather difficult. Wednesday, Mr.Tot had ACL surgery which meant 8 hours at the surgery center, and Tot got shuttled between 3 different neighbors. The surgery supposedly went great, but we ended up in the ER for the intense pain, less than 4 hours after getting home. Tot spent the [...]

Are We There Yet?

Yesterday, Tot and I drove to Nana & Papa’s house. I knew it would take AT LEAST 9 hours, but I have done it before and survived. This time, it almost killed me. I nearly fell asleep at the wheel twice, and had to find a place to pull off and rest my eyes. After [...]


Last week, my parents left a message: ”What’s Wrong? Are you okay? We haven’t heard from you, and there are no new blogs…”

Tot happened. Well, her and life.

She turned into a fire breathing dragon, or some close relative. And I over committed to all sorts of things which left me exhausted. I’m [...]


Tot turned 3. End of the terrible twos? Only if you bring on the thoroughly thrashing threes. She has been a complete and utter diva, screaming and carrying on about every little thing and I’m ready to retire from motherhood. Anybody want her?

Good thing she’s cute, or she would have been out with the [...]

This ain’t your “reglier” zoo

Our critters are always entertaining, but lately they’re getting downright ….. hmmm, what’s the word? nuts.

Pickles has decided to take up a new vocation. The squirrel chasing just wasn’t working out. So, he’s decided to become a garden statue…. Whaddaya think?

Barkylthorpe decided she was a Carolina fan, and insisted on showing her [...]

Ice Cream Man, I hate you.

It looks like she’s branding herself a loser, and today she was right.

You know that little ditty – I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream? Welll, I lived it today and let me tell you something, … it’s not so funny anymore. I took the Tot to a Holiday craft [...]