STOP, or I shall say Stop again!

If you factor in the nap I inadvertently took when I sat down on the couch before dinner, I essentially went to bed at 8pm last night, since I fell asleep before or perhaps with Tabor and then got up only to go to my own bed where I thought I was going to read, [...]

Abandon Ship!!

Last week started out great. Monday was fabulous, focused (for a change) on Tot getting a variety of activities and me optimizing opportunities – such as reading while Tot enjoyed the park and tub-side during her bath, raking while Tot ran about the yard and cavorted in piles of leaves, and taking photos – earning [...]

Thoughts on Motherhood

Some days, I can’t believe having kids is so popular — it’s the hardest, most exhausting and underpaid job there is… It doesn’t seem that hard on the face of it. They are little and you are big, and indisputably in charge, right? Wrong, You are their slave 24/7. And you can’t do [...]