Little Boxes made of ticky tacky

Tot decided the tea boxes needed some rearranging….

And this morning, she proclaimed, ” I’m done with hungry” after having water for breakfast. Makes you wonder what goes on in the mind of a child, though maybe I don’t want to know. Could I be done with hungry too? Sure would save on grocery bills, [...]

A gift from me to you… Skip the Fruitcake!

It started with a leftover loaf of Under-Wonder (otherwise known as all tasteless white bread better used as a sponge) from Blondie’s camping trip. Leave it to teenage boys to eat junk. Mr.Tot suggested throwing it out, but no, my hoarder, I mean, resourceful inner chef would not, could not let that stuff be added [...]

Taxes, snot and Tot

This past week has been consumed by taxes, avoiding taxes, trying to wade through tax forms, and trying to empty my head of a seemingly unending supply of goo. I finally got hit with a nasty cold that peaked on Thursday in a not so glorious non-stop nose-blowing extravaganza. Quite mysteriously, it was completely gone [...]