Brave New World?

Raleigh has this great festival every Spring called Artsplosure. It’s a more elaborate version of the California Arts & Wine festival but, hmmm, not sure if there was any wine… I hate drinking in the heat anyway. They had a ton of kids activities and music and drama, and then, there was THIS:



Are We There Yet?

Yesterday, Tot and I drove to Nana & Papa’s house. I knew it would take AT LEAST 9 hours, but I have done it before and survived. This time, it almost killed me. I nearly fell asleep at the wheel twice, and had to find a place to pull off and rest my eyes. After [...]

Ice Cream Man, I hate you.

It looks like she’s branding herself a loser, and today she was right.

You know that little ditty – I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream? Welll, I lived it today and let me tell you something, … it’s not so funny anymore. I took the Tot to a Holiday craft [...]

All in a Day’s Work, okay, maybe Two

Tot’s fever was down to a dull roar today and since it was GORGEOUS out, I decided to take her to the playground to get some fresh air, vitamin D and to try to run her batteries down. It worked! I escaped her bedroom at 7:40 – a solid hour earlier than usual. This has [...]

Zombie-tot (not-mine!) and Zombie-mom (yes – me!)

I was talking a a woman at the pool today… Her 2 and a half year old goes to sleep between 5:30 and 6pm and wakes up between 7 and 7:30am. In addition to this FOURTEEN hours of sleep, she also takes a 2 hour nap each day…. Which means she is only awake for [...]

Hello, 911? There’s been a shooting….

Yes, a mass shooting. How many? I see 3 but there might be more. Yes, right here in my living room. Ohhh, wait a minute. Somebody slipped something into the water… It must be nap time at the menagerie. If only Tot would participate!!!