Ice Cream Man, I hate you.

It looks like she’s branding herself a loser, and today she was right.

You know that little ditty – I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream? Welll, I lived it today and let me tell you something, … it’s not so funny anymore. I took the Tot to a Holiday craft [...]

Open, Open, Open….

Here sits Tot in utter frustration that she can’t get at the candy in the closet. The doors have a magnetic latch which is rather tough to open. Notice she did pull a chair over [...]

My Fairy Godmother is coming….

I do not believe in magic pills. I believe a thin healthy body requires continuous investment of hard work: eating healthy in reasonable portions (which for me is HARD work!!!), and exercizing to stay fit and trim. Back when I had to lose 30 pounds thanks to the weight gain side effect of [...]