Not Again….

So I just did my craft show yesterday and it went well. I didn’t even come close to selling out, but that was a bit ambitious. I spent a lot of late nights preparing and a lot of energy stressing about it all, so I was too tired to go out to dinner. I was [...]

Preparing rants and exhibiting evidence

I’m trying to compose a down and out rant to the NC insurance commissioner about our ex-car insurance company and our insurance agent. Trust me – you will hear ALL about it!!! I’m just not sure how long it will take me to compose an accurate yet cathartic account that I won’t get thrown in [...]

And the Winner is ….

PICKLES!!! Aka Pickle-bliss, Pickle-Pooch, Pickle-Baloo, Pickle-butter-sandwich. Okay, maybe that’s overshare…

I am pleased to report that Blondie and Piano-man are now Pickle -approved.

Despite having voted on ‘Pickles’, the name ‘Poochie’ may live on forever in Tot’s vocabulary.