Midday in the garden of Good & Evil

There is the ultimate battle being fought in our house: Chaos versus order or perhaps Kaos versus Control a la Get Smart, Zombie versus Human, Pain versus Pain-free, Devil Cat (wearing the Black fur hat/bodysuit) versus Toonces (in the white fur hat/bodysuit) as they go chasing each other 90 mph around the [...]

Dear Big Brudder: Tot’s letter to Blondie at Camp….

There was a lot of traffic in my room last night. Bergylsnorpe came in to visit and wouldn’t leave, only to find out that Pickles (in Toonces mode) was lurking outside terrorizing him. Mom had to bring Pickles into the room and get Dad to call [...]

Preparing rants and exhibiting evidence

I’m trying to compose a down and out rant to the NC insurance commissioner about our ex-car insurance company and our insurance agent. Trust me – you will hear ALL about it!!! I’m just not sure how long it will take me to compose an accurate yet cathartic account that I won’t get thrown in [...]