Hands up where I can see them!

Here’s Tot practicing for the inevitable… Hands UP!!!

And of course, there’s the great expression for the mugshot. Look, there’s even a little thought bubble over her head…

Gone to the dogs

So we just got this e-mail, or rather OUR DOGS did….

Dear Bergylsnorpe & Barkylthorpe,

Having a great time on vacation.

The water is very nice.

Wish you were here.


NOTE: the names have been changed to protect the furricent

So I leave for a minute [...]

Move over Michael Phelps!

Tot can SWIM! Yes, she’s 3 and to be more precise, she can move through water that’s over her head for about 10-15 feet without drowning. She should be ready for the Olympics by the end of the summer. Or maybe just ready for swim team by next summer.

Get ready for the [...]

Silver Linings

You’ve heard of Christmas in July? Well, this is Thanksgiving in June.

I’m grateful…

- that the bag of dog food that is now in a thousand chewed up pieces was empty

- that we have a 8 pack of big girl pants for Tot, since today used up half of them

- that I [...]

Nothing like a summer rain….

Tot asked to go outside on the back porch when the rain started… as a light rain. Then it progressed to a downpour. Which was even better. Something so marvelous about a warm summer rain. Tot seems to love water as much as I do.

Then came the request to be rid of those [...]

Thoughts on Motherhood

Some days, I can’t believe having kids is so popular — it’s the hardest, most exhausting and underpaid job there is… It doesn’t seem that hard on the face of it. They are little and you are big, and indisputably in charge, right? Wrong, You are their slave 24/7. And you can’t do [...]