Taxes, snot and Tot

This past week has been consumed by taxes, avoiding taxes, trying to wade through tax forms, and trying to empty my head of a seemingly unending supply of goo.  I finally got hit with a nasty cold that peaked on Thursday in a not so glorious non-stop nose-blowing extravaganza. Quite mysteriously, it was completely gone on Friday with just the lovely red sandpaper skin and burning nose and lips to show for it all.   The good news is – all that remains of my taxes is a final check against last years which was done by an accountant.  I stand victorious over the mounds and heaps of receipts and hope I interpreted all that gobbledy gook that they claim is english correctly, lest I have to wade through it all again with an auditor.  And I only needed a few packages of cookies and other assorted goodies to survive.

On other fronts, Tot is changing from creative movement class to *drum roll please* ballet class which starts tomorrow-Monday. When mentioned, she quivers as though she will explode with excitement, and I haven’t even shown her the tutu yet….   If you notice a shift in the movement of the earth, that may be due to the Tot.

If you think the Tsunami could change the earth’s rotation, just wait!!  BUT, parents are not allowed to watch until the last 10 minutes of class, so my pictures may be limited, but my bliss will not.  Oh what to do with those 50 minutes in the gym?   Exercise, HA, surely you jest!  After all, this new class starts after my water aerobics is done.  Oh the choices I have – read, blog, organize the files on my computer, snooze?

And there’s also a tiny bit of progress on the kitchen – we picked handles for the cabinets.  It’s hard to believe that tiny little pieces of metal could change the whole look, but they do!   We still don’t have all the cabinets or all the doors on the cabinets we do have, but it is slowly evolving.  We got our shelves finally, which is part of the reason you are not getting pictures of the whole kitchen.  Because I started to unpack boxes, but the lack of some cabinets and drawers meant that I left a LOT of stuff on the countertops and everything is a disaster area once again.  But it’s such a pretty disaster area, don’t you think?

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