The Fight is on…


My brother called on Wednesday. He sounded so chipper, I thought maybe they got good news. I swear I have never met 2 people who are more “The cup is half full” rather than “half empty” in my entire life. “She lit up like a Christmas tree” he quipped, which is NOT a good thing. It meant probability is very high that half her lung will need to be removed.

So AFTER weaning Lynn off of blood thinners, they will install filters so that the blood clots in her legs don’t cause serious problems if they take a mind to hit the road and see other parts of her body. Then they will take a wedge of her lung to test to determine definitively whether it’s cancer, in which case they will remove half of her lung. Either way, she will be in the hospital a week and home from her job for at least 4 – 6 weeks.

If good news is to be had, it’s that they estimate her condition to be only Stage 1 or possibly Stage 2, which means they think / hope / pray that it hasn’t spread. They want to take out the lymph nodes associated with the lungs, which would act as the motors for it to spread. Evidently these lymph nodes are difficult to identify so she will be part of a study which uses a new technique to find them.

So the rest of my family are heading north at various times this next month to help out and support Lynn and Dave and the boys, because it’s all we can do. Little Tot has a big job to do — to distract my nephews from the cloud of uncertainty surrounding their mom.

Meanwhile Lynn posted this on Facebook:

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month… I guess they needed a new spokesperson, HA… Please join my family for Shine the Light on Lung Cancer Vigil in Nashua at City Hall Plaza on Thurs, Nov 4th at 7 pm.

Please donate by going to:

Select the Nashua, NH vigil, then find the Iseler family.

I went here to make our donation and was utterly shocked and devastated to read the statistics on lung cancer. I cried AGAIN. Seems to be a common occurrence these days. However, I am confident that Lynn with her youth, her optimism, her family and her support group will beat the odds. The strength of her life force will carry her through this. The rest of us will do whatever we can, whatever she needs and only wish we could do more.


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